What is a coaching program?

A designed roadmap to guide you through a 3 or 6 month innovative experience which gives you skills and tools that help make a POWER-impact in you life’s and business’ strategies.

What is a group coaching program?

Group coaching programs benefit the participants first because of peer learning and connecting. Secondly in groups there is a lot of group wisdom, which everyone can benefit from.  Some clients find the process more appealing than the 1:1 spotlight. Group coaching also utilises a step-by-step approach that is structured using modules.

What is Personal Branding?
Personal Branding is about identifying and then communicating what makes you unique . It is about embracing what you are passionate about. This alone differentiates you from your counterparts and makes you appealing to your target audience. In short, if you understand your strengths, skills, passions, and values, you can use this information to build a very strong brand.
Why do I need a Personal Brand Coach?

When you go through a Personal Branding process, you develop incredible self-understanding about what makes you who you are, what makes you valuable  and powerful. The process helps you optimise and contribute your strengths. You become  crystal clear on what you want to achieve. Once you know what is unique and compelling about you or your company, you can use that information to create a solid positive presence.


I do not have a business, do I still need branding?

Yes. It is all about standing for something rather than just blending-in and being lost in a sea of obscurity. It is about standing up and saying, ” This is who I am and this is what makes me feel fulfilled”.


I am interested. Now what?

Contact me. You will find my details on the contact page in the top menu. We will then set up an initial consultation meeting, which is free. This will provide me with enough information to set up a program that is tailored to you and/or your business.


How do you help others as a coach?

I aim to help and empower others to make, meet and exceed personal and professional goals – including excelling in the workplace, becoming happy and fulfilled, exploring the self and the world, and achieving ambitions.




What happens during a typical coaching session?

Coaching sessions will typically be for a specific duration, 45 minutes to be exact. Sessions can be conducted over the phone, face-to-face or via Skype. Group coaching sessions work differently.

During the 1:1 session, I will ask you about what you want to get out of life, what areas you’re unhappy with and where you’d like to see yourself in the near future. Although I work with you, it’s often up to you to challenge or reflect upon certain ideas to help you move forward with your life.


How is coaching different from counselling?

The fundamental difference between counselling and life coaching is that counselling usually investigates the roots and causes of potential mental health problems, whereas life coaching focuses mainly on the future to encourage personal-development and self-improvement. I encourage people to be more and achieve more. It is up to you to ACT.


How can a Coach help me?

I approach things pragmatically. Through questions and exercises, I will try to get a good idea of how you look at the world. From this I will be able to identify the most effective route to your goal. Some people feel intimidated by the idea of change and so need to take things very slowly to fulfil their goals. In this situation I might divide your ultimate goals into smaller bite-sized pieces.


I am interested. Now What?

Contact me. You will find my details on the contact page in the top menu. We will then set up an initial consultation meeting, which is free. This will provide me with enough information to set up sessions that are specific to your needs.


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