The Truth about Personal Branding

 June Yarham

I have often wondered, what else can one say, it seemed that I have said enough. However, that is not entirely true. As everything shifts, so does my point of view, everything sort of become clearer and I can see even further. And as a result, some the original ideas become more perceptible, almost like the veil has lifted, if you will.

What I have realized however, is that it is one thing to have an opinion about something and quite another to brand it as the ultimate truth. The truth, such a complex concept, and the ultimate truth, well…who knows what that truly is in the great scheme of things.

What I believed to true a decade ago, does not seem serve me as well as it did back then. However, it had its purpose. Another way to look at it is that it was just a small part of truth. There certainly was more to it. The truth seems to unravel itself bit by bit, allowing us to get wiser.

I talk a lot about Personal Branding, and some misunderstand the idea as I see it. Not that it is an original concept, but there undoubtedly is an original way to see it.  Someone once said, “But I am not a brand”. Naturally, my response was to defend my position. However, we perceive differently. Words have energy; positive, negative or neutral. The word “brand” obviously carried a negative connotation to that person. I mean, I can see why.

However, when I start talking about embracing our uniqueness and stop shying away from our true essence and individuality, people agree. When I further explain that that which makes us different, is the very thing that we need to contribute to the world, some call that having a purpose.

Branding oneself, is not about changing who you are, quite the opposite, it is about standing behind who you truly are and saying this is ME. What’s the point of holding out on such a rarity? Remember, what you have to offer is not meant for everyone. Those who appreciate it are the rightful recipients. We can do nothing or be anyone without each other.

Your Personal Brand is the trail that you leave behind you as you go through life. What does it say about you? The whole point is about aligning your brand and essence to your core where your personal values, ethics, morals and purpose lies. I have written more on the subject, see Personal Branding: A Complete Manual.

I see you

Lungisa Sonqishe


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