3LEVEN11 Online Magazine – 2nd Edition


3ELEVEN11 Online Mag

Dear Reader

Welcome to the 2nd publication. This edition is especially very dear to me. Inspired by some of the great minds that have contributed to the person I am and aspire to be.

I hope that you will find inspiration within these pages. It is packed with food for the mind. The aim of the 3LEVEN11 Online Mag is to inspire, challenge and to share knowledge.  Often, we feel we need to be shown the right way when we are facing various crossroads in life. One of the best bits of wisdom I was ever given was that I should search within for wisdom, and that in stillness all things are known. I hope you find inspiration and encouragement in this edition.

3LEVEN11 Mag will be published quarterly and will focus on self-development and improvement in areas that we struggle with. You are welcomed to give us your feedback about this first edition or perhaps you wish to comment one of the articles. It does not matter, it would be a pleasure hearing from you.

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I am grateful to the Great Minds that featured and to many more that aren’t. Your wisdom is very true, especially today in the world we live in.

I see you,

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