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Lungisa Mimi Sonqishe


If you’re ready to build a flourishing business that has a soul, or take your already awesome soul biz to new heights I am super excited to extend a FREE invitation to you for the No Biz Like Soul Biz global online event.
I recently had the honor to be interviewed by Life & Performance Coach Jan Broders. Over the past months he has spoken with a total of 24 experts from 5 continents to get all the advice on how to build a biz with soul. Jan is about to share what he has learned and wants to help you create or transform your business immediately! It is Jan’s dream to help thousands of men and women around the world to step into their power and build a soul biz that allows them to create and experience a ‘heaven on earth’.

Just imagine having full access to the wisdom of the world’s leading soul business experts for FREE!

The fun begins September 26, 2015 through to October 4th, 2015!

Sign up now and each day you receive access to 2 to 3 wisdom packed interviews.

Don’t miss out CLICK HERE to register now for FREE!

And that’s not all! Jan has watched each interview multiple times and has created a full workbook with summaries of each talk, important questions to ask yourself on your journey and step by step processes that the experts have shared. You are able to get the soul biz bible together with unlimited access to all the videos OVER HERE .
Trust me, this is an event you don’t want to miss. Never before have soul biz experts from around the world shared their wisdom in one online event!

I hope to  See You there!

Personal Branding Strategist & Career/Life Coach

Lungisa “Mimi” Sonqishe
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