9 Powerful steps to help you reinvent yourself and achieve your greatest potential : 2015

Last week, I wrote the fist part of this article, which you can find here. In this sequel, I continue to highlight the significance of setting goals for yourself and achieve your best potential. Please, remember that dreams can become a reality. You just have to act on them and don’t keep them locked up in your imagination. Just go for it.

This article continues in Step 5; helping you reinvent yourself and achieve your goals.


Step 5: Be unwavering and stay focused


Remember this is about your life. You have tried other things, and you have reached no contentment. Consequently, nothing is more important to you right now than being on path. Do not procrastinate, this got you nowhere before. Now is your time and your opportunity to shine. Take it. Remember that self-destruction stands in your way of achieving your greatest potential.


Step 6: Keep a progress log and tick off your achievements as you push ahead. Add more goals.


You can do this once weekly. In fact, it can be your weekly action plan if you so choose. Whatever happens, you must keep one. As you carry on in this path of goal setting, you will notice that you are frequently motivated to take more inspired actions. By all means do add more goals. If you struggle with this step, I would like to recommend a book by Peter D. Winiarski called, ‘ Act Now : A Daily Log for Achieving Your Goals in 90 Days’. This book is great to help you remain focused and have fun while doing it.


Step 7: Surround yourself with the right people


“The people you surround yourself with influence your behaviour, so choose friends with healthy habits” Dan Buettner

 As they say, “you are the company you keep”. I am not encouraging you to judge others, but rather to move with those that help you grow. There are plenty of people who genuinely love helping and serving others. Caution! This is not about seeking for what you can get from others, but rather how others make you feel. Do they make you feel motivated to reach  your goals or do you feel pessimistic about life after being with them?


Step 8: Expect obstacles and the unexpected


So here you are trying hard to reinvent yourself and suddenly BANG you hit an obstacle! Now what? If you did step 1 & 2 properly you would have prepared for the unexpected. Lets assume you did and still…BANG!


Let me tell you this… life is full of challenges. Call them tests if you like. This is why this article is called 9 Powerful steps to help you reinvent yourself and achieve your greatest potential”. It would not be powerful if it was easy now would it? I will promise you something. You will experience setbacks and hindrances. And these are not there to annoy you,  there by mistake, or there because you do not deserve success. They are there to strengthen your resolve! When you meet an obstacle, learn from it and try again. if it was all easy, you would not be in this place to begin with. Amazing things happen to those who persevere.


Step 9: Stay true to yourself and ACT ACT ACT


You are your best friend or at least you should be. You live on borrowed time. Make it count by being true to yourself. Don’t follow others. They are engaged with their own paths. Who will walk yours? There’s no one else like you, try not to be a duplicate of another. Find out who you are and why you are here. And walk your path.


Bonus – Step 10 : Remind yourself everyday how great you are and be grateful


As I cited before, become your best friend. Treat yourself with great respect. Forgive yourself when you make errors the way you would wish to be forgiven. Recognise how absolutely great is the miracle of your existence. Treat yourself with great reverence, no one else will. Be grateful for all the opportunities that are here for you. You are not here by mistake. There is a good reason for you to be here. It is all up to you, you have all the answers. Seek.




All four areas of lives mentioned in this article and Part 1 are vital for your happiness, your career, your health and wellness, your relationships and your spirituality. Likewise, the goals that you set for yourself, all fall under these categories. Reinventing yourself does not mean changing who you are. It is more about realising who you are and how you wish to live a satisfying life. These were my 9 Powerful steps to help you reinvent yourself and achieve your greatest potential. I hope you enjoyed the article. Please feel free to comment in the comment section.

 Feel free to comment below and write to me privately. I would be happy to hear from you.

I see you

 Lungisa Sonqishe


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