Know How to Vanquish Self-Sabotage and Become Indestructible

Break Free

Break Free

There are times when you feel inspired. Times when you have ideas, great ideas about things you wish to pursue. During these moments, you become awakened. You overcome self-destruction. You feel charged, ignited and excited to tell someone, to go somewhere and to do something. Then, before long you slowly, but surely begin to talk yourself out these great possibilities. Why?


The mystery of the mind

What is it in the human mind, or rather who is it in our minds that talk us out of our dreams and goals. Consider this, if there is a YOU that is excited and confident about a great idea, then who or what is that other factor that keeps you doubtful and insecure? Or are there two aspects of ourselves? I do not know for sure. I do know, however, that you can silence the saboteur within.


Become aware of the Saboteur


One of the helpful ways, is becoming aware of the negative voice that keeps you a prisoner of your own mind. So, lets assume that you have this great idea to loose 10 kilograms by a certain date. You feel excited and motivated to do so. You can see the wonderful benefits and you can’t wait to begin. Just as you are about to contemplate an action plan, BOOM, negatives thoughts starts creeping in. All of a sudden you have 100 reasons why it would not work.


When this happens….


Become aware of it and remember that nothing will ever happen, related to your dreams, without your permission. Therefore, have an action plan. In one of my articles — 9 Powerful Steps to Help You Reinvent Yourself and Achieve your Greatest Potential — I cite that writing your goals down is the single most significant step you can take to reaching your potential. This approach prompts you to take action.


Believe in yourself – All is possible


Inspired ideas are very special. They come out of ‘nowhere’, from a place of creativity and great imagination. Our right brain. Many people find it hard to think of creative ideas right on the spot. That is why when you experience this gift, you should be grateful. You should respect its sudden manifestation. This inspiration usually comes with a great boost to ignite you into action.


You can do it


Believe that you can do it. If your initial reaction to your wonderful ideas is that of exhilaration. Then, gain, I insist that you write these down as they come to you. Write every detail down. Moreover, make a record of how you feel when you receive them. Do not wait until tomorrow to consider their substance. Act now.


A list of the pros and cons


If you are still feeling insecure and unsure, compile a list. A list that clearly illustrates the pros and cons of not taking action. Write down as many disadvantages as you possibly can, of why such an idea would never work. Do the same for advantages. Be very clear and specific.


I would like to remind you that if you do not follow your true passion/talents you risk feeling ill-at-ease, the feeling of missing something, or the feeling of emptiness.


In Conclusion


Whatever happens, you are on the driving sit. You are the boss, the CEO of the organisation called YOU. You can fire or hire anyone of the two voices in your head. It is all up to you. How? Act.


I hope you enjoyed my article on How to vanquish self-sabotage and become indestructible . Please feel free to comment below.


Lungisa Sonqishe


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