4 Ways a Life Coach Can Help You Change Your Life: Life Coaching Services


Most people would not even know why they would need a Life Coach. In fact a lot of people do not understand the benefits of working with a Life Coach.

 Life Coaching  service is not the same as therapy, counseling and psychotherapy.  The Life Coaching technique is rather a method that tackles specific personal goals. It is a process that helps business focus on its objectives. It offers significant benefits for those in transition in their personal lives. A Life Coach, for example, would work with a Client to establish what is going on right now and what obstacles he/she faces. He/She would then work on a tailored life coaching technique, focusing on the what, how and when…in order to guide the Client reach his/her goals.

The following are the 4 Ways  a Life Coach can Help You Change Your Life

1. Digging through the clutter.

Most people do not know what exactly it is that needs their attention in order to stay focused in the right course. They feel stuck. Life Coaches are trained to sieve through the chaos and ask the right questions. These questions are designed to gently lead the Client to come to a profound realisation about their situation. For example, a Client might be feeling exhausted, overworked, unhappy at work, uninspired and dispassionate. They know that something different needs to happen in order to move forward. This is where Life Coaching tools and techniques are essential in helping you dig through the clutter.  They provide you with support,  strategy, clarity and a plan of action.

2. Heightened self-confidence.

Self-belief is one of the most powerful states of being. We constantly worry about what could go wrong and about whether we are good enough. Fear of failure is our greatest bully. One of my favourite excuse is, “well, I am too old now”. Life Coaching helps you see that you are the greatest person in your life and that you are the CEO of your own destiny. All you have to do is show-up and take action. Once you do, the feeling of achievement is one of the most satisfying and fulfilling sensation you can ever experience. Remember the time you were diligent about your workout and how proud you were of your efforts? Well, it is the same feeling, but think on a bigger scale. Yes, sometimes it does not work according to plan, but the secret is to learn from that experience and to please never give up. Ever.


3. Having clarity.

Most of us know what we do not want. However, we lack clarity of what we really want. Our minds are cluttered by vague ideas, imagination, self-doubt, self-bullying, self-sabotage and plenty of fear. Imagine that you can see your path ahead of you. That you know where you must go and what you need in order to get there, and this is all clear to you. Envision that you know the right people to help you get there. Now, tell me, how do you see yourself? Living with such clarity and having well defined goals, makes life a little easier. One of the benefits of working with a Life Coach is that you see clearer. The veil becomes lifted.

4. Motivation.

Once you are clear about want you truly want and you can see clearly ahead of you, nothing will stop you from reaching your goals. You become naturally motivated and you can not wait to get started. Sometimes, feelings of self-sabotage creep up. However, a really good coach will provide you with the right tools to get you over these impediments when they arise. An action plan with clear goals makes it easier to stay on target.

Bonus Point on 4 Ways  a Life Coach can Help You Change Your Life

5. Taking accountability for your actions.

No one is coming to help you. As we all know, procrastination leads nowhere. In fact stalling is a time waster and it leaves us feeling ill at ease. As we have all discovered that no one else can change the course of our paths, but ourselves. Granted, sometimes we need help, but only we can ask for it. Looking at our lives honestly, admitting our shortcomings and taking responsibility for our errors; help us appreciate the significance of change. This is respectable. Period.

I hope you enjoyed the article  4 Ways  a Life Coach can Help You Change Your Life

-Lungisa Sonqishe

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